Saturday, July 25, 2009


what does it mean when it's easier to pretend that furniture is falling out of office windows?

universally, we picture a French man smoking
“life, eh?”
he says to us.
and people start to give up.
we tell friends, spouses, workmates,
anyone who will listen:
“i feel so alone”.
we cut each other off but yeah,
we keep breathing,
striving for six-days-broke
because life costs too much
“everyone is the same,
i am so alone.
i am so alone, and
everyone is the same”
we shout,
before diving off tall buildings.
“i have never felt so free”
we shout,
and we get scored 8.7 by the judges.
“excellent technique. total commitment.
a shame about the landing”.

- d. richardson

1 comment:

  1. This captures perfectly how I imagine the Monty Python dudes are thinking all the time. Doing things for money that they need, but ultimately under-appreciated. Nice.