Friday, July 24, 2009


John, I'm Only Drinking

I thought i was dreaming of reality
One that could exist and did in memory
But i can't put my finger on why or when

Yes we have been drinking
and i may have mistaken something as profound in this pop song
reminiscing of the time i don't remember

But that's the feeling i strive for
Scraping up what's left on the plate. What's left of a memory?
Rehashing the best times in life,
Working and waiting patiently for paradise
To arrive, sober and unforgettable

Then you stop me
Without thinking say you don't understand
"This talk is crazy man"

It could be more than a dream

It could be the alcohol

- A. Gosney


  1. You know what would have been a really nice touch? If you'd capitalized the "you"s, while keeping the "I"s uncapitalised. Would have been a nice role reversal about what perspectives we take to be certain (i.e. me vs. you).

    Still, really sweet man. "James likes this".

  2. Hey yea! I was thinking about the "i"s. Wasn't entirely sure about whether I should capitalize them or not. Better finish a new one ready for next Sunday! "Let's share a joke about trying to cope"