Sunday, July 26, 2009


Apparently this is the "new centre" for "intellectualism" in christchurch. We can get together and talk about "philosophy" and books 'n' shit. We're "sick of talking about who has slept with who and how many beers we have drunk". So instead lets gather in small exclusive groups talking about how everyone else talks about who has slept with who and how many beers they have drunk, and then maybe a little bit about how we are better than them if there is time.

We can look at people having fun and look down on them. They obviously "don't understand life as much as we do". They can enjoy the company of others and music we don't like, what losers they are. If only they understood what we did. Maybe then their lives would be better. They just don't "get" the same stuff we do, us intellegent people.

Intellectualism is actually the only true way to enjoy yourself, being able to discuss "alternative music" but as long as it isn't enjoyed by too many people (like Animal Collective, or Nirvana) and books that we read on a higher level than other people, maybe we can talk about philosophy or maths or economics because that is true fun.

You have probably realised by now that this whole post so far is sarcastic.

I am not an intellectual.

It took me 3 years to complete my last year of school

I don't understand jokes the first time around and I haven't actually read a book all the way through so far this year.

I don't know why some people tend to group me in with this group of people. Maybe it's because I am cynical and can sit at the back of a party with these "intellectuals" and talk about how stupid and inferior all the other people at the party are. I guess I am doing the exact same thing right now, as I am thinking I am better than these "intellectuals."

I would say instead of liking intellegent conversation, I like interesting conversations. You can have interesting conversations with people of all levels of intellegence as long as you dont talk down to them. Don't exclude people from your lives because you think they are unintellegent, exclude them from your lives because they are boring. If you don't want to talk about who has drunk more beers, then dont fucking talk about it with them. Move the conversation onto something you find interesting. They might have an interesting perspective on it, something you haven't thought of before.

But then again maybe I am just too dumb to "get it".

God this sounds fucking preachy.


  1. 1. I, for one, am not sick of talking about who has slept with who and how many beers I have drunk. Calumny and rodomontade never wander far from intellectual circles.

    2. Very little truly intellectual speak concerns the inferiority of others. If you have developed this impression then, no, perhaps you don't "get it".

    3. Intellectualism is one among many valid ways to enjoy oneself. I (and others) just so happen, on occasion, to enjoy it more than other modes of being. Would you lambast the pensioner for partaking in bowls? Or children for playing in sand?

    4. It is not true that "You can have interesting conversations with people of all levels of intellegence (sic)". Studies (I can cite one if you wish) have shown that individuals that are separated by more than one standard deviation (or so, I forget the exact figure) in IQ have severe difficulty in communicating. That is, conversations do not always flow easily between those with intelligence and those without.

    5. Finally, I wish to take issue with your suggestion that one should "exclude (people) from your (life) because they are boring". What if people are inherently uninteresting? I expect that such people are likely to be found as frequently as people who are inherently unintelligent. If your aim here is to spur feelings of social equality then your call to ostracize the uninteresting is inconsistent with your position.

  2. Hahaha! Where did this intellectualism thing come from Eamon? I thought this blog was gonna be all about sex and crimes???



    Extract from Roger Horrocks' 'Short History of the 'New Zealand Intellectual".